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Please contact us with comments, questions, and submissions. Our concern is what our members and fans are interested in.

What Is Crazy House Entertainment???

We celebrate the birth of a new home of media and entertainment that will be unique in nature and designed to be outside of mainstream.

What you will see coming on Crazy House in the near future is quality and meaningful art and entertainment.  For every great artist you see on mainstream media, we will prove that there are 50 others that are not recognized..... at least not before now!

Hold on, We,re coming.

Our Services

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Publishers of Independent Works

We seek new and different content from talented people seeking to step into their true passion and begin showcasing their hidden talents. Bring out that creative work and dust it off and bring it to the world. Leave behind the 9 to 5 and become transformed into the life of your dreams. We provide the basis for this to begin and prosper, and reciprocate the growth of each other.

Support Service for Self Promotion

We provide a Media Outlet that is controlled by the members and is here as an online presence for this new and independent movement. Crazy House is a Headquarters to hosting our members but does not limit you to selling your creative arts through other outlets as well. We can and may offer exclusive handling of an artists materials if desired by the artist.

Transition from Amateur to Paid Pro

What we encourage is for artists to rethink running to the stage for open mic events and karioke events when they are allowing the exploitation of their wealth. Posting works on social media outlets such as youtube and facebook does not offer what we do.

We offer written agreements to share profits/pay royalties for works that go viral and even if they do not. We agree to pay the profit generated by your works.

Member Controlled Media Outlet

Once you partner with us, we offer support in obtaining professional production services and only post and offer professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered material.

We publish with pride in quality.